Blind Pyro

In 2010 we hosted the first ever “Blind Pyro Competition”  on Friday night after the product demo’s.  No, the competitors aren’t blind!  It gets it’s name due to the fact that the participants have no idea what they have to create their display with until 3pm that day, and must have their shows ready to fire by 7pm!  The Blind Pyro Competition consists of 4 teams of 5 people who work together to use the product given to them to create the best show they can in the 4 hours allowed.  A panel of judges and crowd reaction determines the winning display which gets a cash prize as well as trophies, but ask any of the competing teams and they will agree that the real prize is bragging rights!  The Blind Pyro Competition has become a great competition for intermediate level enthusiasts to hone their skills before moving up to the next level.  The camaraderie on the field for this one is enjoyable to see.

Here is the winning Blind Pyro display from 2013.

And the rest of the 2013 Blind Pyro Displays, amazing shows by all!

Here are the 2012 Blind Pyro Displays starting with the winning show and newly crowned champions.

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

blind-pyro-2013 copy