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Assassin’s Creed cosplay costumes Reviews

1.  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Matt Ryan Cosplay Costumes

Edward Kenvi is handsome, but arbitrarily arrogant, rebellious and greedy. He is the captain of the Jackdaw.

I really like Edward Kenvi, so I bought the entire set of Edward Kenvi cosplay costumes. Clothes arrive on time and packed properly. Top quality and beautifully made! Looks wonderful. Highly satisfied! I love how well it fits and package includes: TOP, Pant, Apron, Hat, Armband, Shoulder Protector, Narrow Straps, Leather Vest, Wristband + Chainattacker, Hand Bandage, Narrow Belts, Wide Shoulder Belt. All these Edward cosplay costumes perfectly replicate the image of the actor Edward. Because if anything is missing, it may not be him. I especially like tops and shoes, I think I am Edward. This suit is perfect for Halloween parties or other events.

2. Assassins Creed 3 Connor Cosplay Costume Deluxe

Connor is a natural hunter and tracker, quiet and deadly, like a sharp Indian poleaxe. He is a warrior with a strong sense of morality and heroism. He is thoughtful and his words and deeds are meaningful. Although he has lived a hard life, he never gave up hope and changed the world in his own way.I want to use role play to express my love for Connor.Connor cosplay costume is really great.

When I purchased this, it was for the purpose of just having fun in it as I am a big Assassin’s Creed fan. Wearing it for Halloween was just a plus for me. When it arrived the day before Halloween, I tried it on to find it just fit. I like the material and the way it was made, but my one love is the buttons. The buttons are sewn on and have  links. The first time I tried buttoning the suit a button came off in my hands. It wouldn’t have happened that the button-hole come off because it were enough larger. I tried running around in it, and while I was able to, I realized that was not it’s purpose as another button didn’t come off. The arms are also a little bit tight but it doesn’t influence. The Connor Cosplay costume is a rather sturdy product and I like the way it is made,  Great product otherwise, looks great on me! And I will recommand this or other product for you guys!

Better than expected, quality stitching, really great costume for the price. And its package includes Coat, Top, Pants, Hat, Leg guards, Bandages, Shoulder strap, Quiver, Chain attacker, Belt, Gloves, Bracers. So many outfits, I’m so happy to have this Connor cosplay costume  for my halloween party. And so many gamers immediately recognized the character and were quite impressed by it. I will purchase other product next time.

3. Callum Lynch Deluxe Cosplay Costume

The film tells the story of Callum Lynch acquired Ancestor Aguilla

extraordinary knowledge and ability to fight against the Templars.

I was very impressed with the time it took to receive it. Materials are nothing spectacular, but it looks good. It fit pretty me well. The details of this complete cosplay costume are handled very well, as the picture shows, the details of each place perfectly reproduce my impression of Callum Lynch, I am very happy to have this suit. The process of trying on is also very smooth. My body shape is just right, neither too tight nor too loose. And those decorations also make me very satisfied, the quality of the superior is worth the price.Overall I’m pretty happy with the costume.

Usually I don’t write reviews to every product I bought but this time I have to. So my goal was to replicate the look of the  Callum Lynch character as good as possible for a relatively low price. During my impression I found the usual China sellers costumes which are mostly made of cheaper materials. I wasn’t expecting too much of this product but was pleasantly surprised when first opening the package and trying it on. Everything fits wonderfully and I don’t have to alter anything. The material maybe polyester but definetely much much better than the average carnival costume material! It really feels heavy and very well manufactured. It is a must for everyone who wants to replicate the look of the game but must afford custom made costumes from good materials and want to spend 608$ or more for a mostly good looking China costume.