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  • Worst flooding in 20 years.

    Well June is here and we stopped by the park today, there is NO chance of a drought in the Midwest this year!  Many of you will recognize some of the scenery below.  NOAA reports this is the 6th highest water level EVER recorded at this location and the highest in 20 years.  No worries, the park has weathered this many times and will be in great condition as always come September!

    This pic gives new meaning to the term “watering hole”

    A view towards the back of the park form the gas station along hwy 141.

    Looking form the park to the gas station across the street s many of us use for supplies.



  • 1/21/13

    Happy New year!  Well it has started, I have already received 3 requests for show slots for this years shoot!  Some new venues are being discussed and we have a club meeting coming up in February, we shall see how that goes… I don’t think we leave our current location unless forced out, it just works for us although we are always open for improvements!  Aside from a few tweaks we will pretty much keep a similar format to last year as it worked well for everyone.

    Let’s hope the drought subsides soon, I don’t think most realize it because it is SUPPOSED to be brown and ugly outside in the winter time but here in MO we are still at a major deficit for rainfall.  I can’t imagine the impacts to the fireworks industry  if we see similar bans as last year.

    Just a quick post to get things started, we hope you enjoy the new website please check back often as there has been a ton of content accumulated from our event and we will update as often as possible.  Not sure we will allow posting due to the time it takes to maintain but please feel free to use the contact us form under the tab up top.  Look forward to seeing many of you at the spring demo’s in just a few months!

    We’ll leave you with a you tube video from 2010 by pittfan63 that should warm you up being January, enjoy!