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Why is Spider-Man so popular?

Spider-Man debuted in August 1962, in the 15th issue of Amazing Fantasy, and was very popular.

Peter Benjamin Parker, a high school student whose parents died when he was a child, lives with his beloved uncle and aunt in queens, New York. Peter lived an ordinary student life, worked as a photographer in the school newspaper, secretly loved the beautiful Mary Jane Watson, and often wandered around with his friend Henry Osborne.During a scientific visit organized by the school, Peter and his classmates visited a scientific exhibition of arthropods.During this time, Peter was bitten by an escaped genetically modified spider.Soon after, he found himself with extraordinary abilities:He became a superb and agile Spider Man, and also had a keen super-perceive “spider sensory”.His hands can radiate strong spider silk to support his flight in the air.Peter first used his ability to make money, but he kept in mind the words of his uncle, “With great power comes great responsibility!”He vowed to dedicate his life to fighting crime.

Spider-Man cosplay costumes

Spider-Man is a very special superhero in the Marvel universe. He has no very strong super power , but he can defeat most superheroes.Physically speaking, Thor is the most powerful superhero.But Spider-Man has a very advantage over Thor, he is more flexible than most superheroes.The Web Shooters makes Spider-Man more flexible, and this equipment is very useful in many places.It can be used as an adhesive or as a rope for criminals. Spider protein gives it the toughest quality in the world.Spider Man even designed a new type of spider silk that can be naturally degraded.The biggest weakness of Spider-Man is his body. He doesn’t have bullet-proof skin like Thor or Thanos.Spider-Man’s body is relatively fragile, and a bullet can completely end his life.

Spider-Man is one of the most classic characters in Marvel comics. Since his debut in August 1962, he has become the most popular character in the Marvel universe.But Spider-Man is almost the most tragic superhero in the world.Most people’s impression of Spider-Man is “Friendly Neighbor”.He is willing to help others, even if he is down and out, but also chivalrous.Although many people like this setting, if Spider-Man’s story is limited to this, he can’t be the popular king of Marvel.There is only one reason for the long-lasting popularity of the little spider: “His spirit!”Maybe many people can’t understand the charm of this character.The reason he is attractive is not because of his super power or handsome uniform.It is the kind of spirit that never gives up after experiencing countless sufferings.

 Here is a very simple example. When Peter Parker just became Spider-Man,he not only has to face the sorrow of his uncle Ben Parker’s death,but also the family’s difficulties (poor), and the villain’s planting made Spider-Man fall into a state of mental breakdown.When he was crying tired in his room, Peter Parker was still talking in his sleep”I can overcome this and I will be able to save…”

Spider-Man has always insisted on his own spirit. He is the most competent superhero in the ultimate universe.Spider-Man is so popular to choose Spider-Man cosplay costume is a good choice.