Cracker Collectors

The Cracker Collectors are a group of collectors that collect 4th of July memorabilia. The Saint Louis Cracker Collector gathering is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. In previous years we have had participants come all the way from Washington State, Montana, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, So. Dakota, No. Dakota and every other state within 500 miles of Saint Louis. While many collect old firecrackers and firecracker labels, quite a few of them also collect any items related to the 4th of July. Examples of things that are collected and might be on display at the Saint Louis Show include – All types of old fireworks and old firecrackers, July magazine covers depicting old fireworks from the early part of the 1900’s, cap canes, old firework related photographs, early mail order catalogs that sell fireworks, banners, posters, antique noise makers and numerous other 4th of July memorabilia.

If anyone is interested in attending or checking the availability of table space at the next show, please contact the collector’s area coordinator at He would also be interested in giving free appraisals to anyone who might have found some old firecrackers and needs help determining the value.