No single person’s name has been chanted more at the St Louis Shoot than his.  No one has taken the chill off with a burst of heat that can be felt for hundreds of feet, and seen for miles more nights than he.  No one else could lift the massive cloud of smoke and fog in 2009 with their instant atmospheric heating.  No one has caused more people to see if they still had eyebrows!  Ok ok, if you have been there you know who we are talking about.  Bill Corbett is famous for his Hollywood style explosions and we couldn’t be happier to have him here each year.  I’ll let the pics and vids below speak for themselves, and hopefully convince you to come see us each September!

St. Louis Shoot 2012 – Bill Corbett from Willi Wild on Vimeo.

Bill isn’t the only one to have thrown flames skyward here is a video of some ghost mines Steve Hall set up for us in 2012.  Pay attention to the colors of the flames!