Main Displays

After the Demo’s and Blind Pyro on Friday, and after the all day festivities and Pro-Am competition shows on Saturday we still have the main displays, which usually include the biggest shows of the weekend and shells up to 8″ in diameter!  Companies such as PyroXtreme led by Bill Collins out of MI,  Aerial FX and Jeremy Kovac out of St Joe, MO, Imperial Fireworks in Coweta OK,  John Rois of JandM Displays in Iowa, Aaron Mayfield of AM Pyro in MO, and we have even had groups of shooters just get together and put on some massive displays like the one below from Greg Weiland and John Vermier from Illinois with shells donated by Bill Page, a master  domestic shell builder.

StL Shoot 2012 – Greg Wieland, Jon Vernier from Willi Wild on Vimeo.

Here is Bill Collins and crews 2012 donated display, Bill has been with us and maybe shot more donated displays than any other!  Bill owns PyroXtreme and Route 66 Fireworks in MI.  Bill is known for being, well, rather loud!

St. Louis Shoot 2012 – PyroXtreme from Willi Wild on Vimeo.

KCAP (Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians) is a recently formed club on the west side of MO, but don’t let that fool you as they have many years of experience amongst them.  Watch their first show below and their skills are very apparent great job guys!

This display is from one of the few locals to shoot at St Louis each year and a favorite for sure. John secured a show slot the first year we shot at Springdale Park and shot the same night as some of the bigger names in the business and well, lets just say he did very very good! Here is his work from 2012

The Missouri Pyrotechnics Association gets the honors of kicking off the main event on Saturday night with the National Anthem and Steve Hall did a great job as always…love the lampares!