Mass Launch

Here is the 2013 Mass Launch, we broke tradition and used 1.3 as a tribute to the late Rich Wasser who owned the park and was always there with anything needed to make this event a success.  Big thanks to Tim Jameson, the 2012 Pro-Am winning choreographer for volunteering to script and get this show in the air!

Each Year,  about 100 members decide on a theme, or an effect available in consumer legal fireworks and go way, I mean WAY over the top with it.  Here is 2012’s entry title’d  “Let it Snow”  This ended up being 220+ white strobe cakes, Most of them were 10 shots each for a total of 2,220 breaks in about 2 minutes, or about 37 breaks per second, or a LOT!…watch the video and call it what you want but if you there you know it was intense!

2011 we choose a consumer cake called Jet Propulsion, a 36 shot 500g swirly comet to red tips that whistles as it goes up.  We ended up at 44 cases @ 4 cakes each x 36 shots  = 6,336 shots in about 30 seconds.  We probably should have warned the crowd to cover their ears!

2010’s Mass Launch theme was crackle.  As firework enthusiasts, it’s a love/hate relationship, as almost every consumer cake on the market contains some sort of crackle.  We decided to give such a high dose of crackle that even the haters would love it!

In 2009 the idea was too see how many girandola’s we could collect and send skyward simultaneously, the number was just over 1,000 and the sound was deafening!

1000+ Dolas from Willi Wild on Vimeo.