[Article 12]Pro-Am Pyro

2012 was the first year for the Pro Am Pyro Competition and WOW what an overwhelming success! The Pro-AM Pyro Competition is more of an advanced level of competition for shooters and choreographers to show off their skills in front of thousands of people.  The competition consists of 4 teams vying for $1,000.00 in cash and trophies for the winning team members.  Tim Jameson from Maryland and his crew named the “Minions of MAFF” stole the show with their wizard theme and pulled off a win with amazing creativity including a 20′, that’s right, a 20′ tall wizard that they back lit with pyrotechnics during the show!


Here is the winning show video.

And here are the other 3 competition entry videos.  Man am I glad I was not a judge here!  (however, a past PGI president was!)  The score sheets were separated by the smallest of margins and some shooters put up surprising scores.  Check back as we hope to post articles on each of the competitors soon.

This show was designed and shot by lead David Vanover from VA.

Next competition Entry is from Ryan Adams from Columbia MO.  Ryan is a long time supporter of the event as well!

Last, but only on this page as they certainly were not on the judges sheets is Tye Hanke and his team from Nebraska.  This is amazingly Tye’s first time at an event such as this and he pulled off an outstanding show as video’d below and titled “Jai-Ho”