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As one of the most concerned watch brands, Rolex is not only hard to find a watch in popular series, but also has a high price. Therefore, entry-level Rolex has become the choice of many watch friends. Oyster Perpetual, Explorer, Air-King these three entry-level Rolex watch is often used as watch friends in the purchase of comparison object, so what are the differences between them, and how to choose?
All three are sporty. The Rolex Explorer is a watch made for professional mountaineering. Mountaineers Hillary and Norgay made their first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, wearing watches made by Rolex, the forerunner of the Rolex Explorer series. The explorer series was launched to commemorate this great feat, and was referred to simply as “Explorer” in order to distinguish it from the later Explorer II. The latest model M124270 has undergone an upgrade this year. The diameter of the dial is changed from 39mm of the previous model M214270 to 36mm, and the dial layout is more compact. This change is also a return to the classic size.
Rolex Air-King continues the history of Rolex and the aviation industry. It was born in the golden age of aviation industry, when aircraft performance was changing rapidly, airlines were expanding, and long-distance flights began to be introduced. A stable and reliable watch in the process of navigation became particularly important, and The Air King series came into being. The M116900, released in 2016, is the latest model of the series. It adopts an oyster steel case with a diameter of 40mm. The typeface of “Air-King” on the dial comes from the original watch in the 1950s, which is consistent with the classic.
Speaking of Rolex, we have to mention the very representative oyster watch case. Rolex is famous all over the world by relying on this technology originated from 1926. The classic model has been handed down and used by various series. In 2020, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual series has undergone an upgrade, this time in addition to the maximum diameter adjustment to 41mm, but also launched a number of new colors. The matching color known as “Tiffany Blue” is very eye-catching, and the market is hot. However, the theme of this article is the entry, these color premium plate will not do too much to repeat, but also for the convenience of comparison, focusing on the oyster type constant motion of this black dial.
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